Tuesday, 9 March 2010

"He looks good." "He looks flashy."

Note: This postscript to my post on the cycling documentaries of Jorgen Leth features three passably diverting personal anecdotes!

Another favourite cycling-related film is Betcher!, a 1971 Cycling Proficiency promo, in which two kids have a competition to see who conforms more to textbook road-safe cycling, as kids naturally do.

This leads me to...

Personal anecdote #1: I failed the Cycling Proficiency Test at the first attempt. My second attempt came the following week, but an untimely bout of illness struck me down in the preceding Maths lesson (sidenote: I hope this sufficiently authenticates my illness). Being the last day of term, I was told I would have no other opportunity to re-take. Having tumbled over my handlebars on my way down to the test, I rode not only sick but also in both pain and tears. I passed, but I can't help thinking sympathy may have played its part. So next time you see this possibly falsely accredited cyclist on the road, make sure you give him a wide berth!

Betcher! features an appearance from Noel Edmond's perpetual Man Friday, which leads me to...

Personal anecdote #2: I once took a Noel Edmonds tea towel to Cub camp.


Personal anecdote #3: When holidaying in Somerset one year, my family and I visited the Crinkley Bottom theme park at Cricket St. Thomas. (For photographic evidence of the current state of the attractions, see this piece from, all of places, the Daily Mail.)

Neither of these actions were borne of a great affection of Père Noel, but rather a burgeoning sense of irony in my pre-teen self. Natural-born hipster, I guess.


  1. Hi, bit of a weird comment to add, but I was wondering if you have any memory of a water ride that used to be at Crinkley Bottom, featuring old kids TV characters such as Bill and Ben and Doctor Who. If you remember it from when you went or if you have any photos of it or the park, please let me know as I am researching the park's history.

  2. Peter Noone: not so dreamy now...