Monday, 9 August 2010


While watching Beyond The Lighted Stage (the Rush documentary) the other day, I caught a bit of the video for Time Stand Still for the first time. I've actually got the Rush videography on DVD, but I guess I never got as far as this because it's from about the period that I lose interest in Rush (the back end of their New Wave-y material and before their current hard rock sound). Time Stand Still is a tune, mind.

Anyway, the video's bleeding awful, its effects are horribly dated, to the point that you wonder if they ever even looked good at the time. I was surprised then to find out that the video was directed by Zbigniew Rybczynski, who directed this great video for the Art of Noise's Close (To The Edit).

He also directed the video for Stereotomy by The Alan Parsons Project, which, while also fairly dated, actually manages to look quite good, and work well with the music.

He was also co-writer, editor and cinematographer of Gerald Kargl's serial killer movie Angst, which is bloody terrific. The film has been a big influence on Gaspar NoƩ (particularly Seul Contre Tous aka I Stand Alone), and features a cracking soundtrack by Klaus Schulze.

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