Friday, 30 April 2010

This is what you'll get Ke$ha, you twat

Not sure what it is about Ke$ha, but people seem to react pretty venomously towards her when given half a chance. Whether it be bearing a striking resemblance to John Travolta, simply posting her fairly standard for the decade music taste on myspace or trying to jump on the Lady Gaga bandwagon things just don't go well for singing star.

So, I'm surprised that this video of her performing a cover of Radiohead's 'Karma Police' in her not so glamorous, or acoustically forgiving, school hall aged 13 hasn't gone viral.

I admit, sometimes she does bring it on herself, but Tik Tok wasn't actually that bad once you got past the initial shock of the Uffie-lite-but-was-Uffie-ever-that-good-no-not-really verses. And come to think of it, how would your formative years stand up to scrutiny once fame inevitably struck?

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