Thursday, 19 February 2009

Father Brian Eno

In an era of library music blogs and Trunk Records, there's an odd obscuro music fan to note in Father Ted's Father Dougal McGuire, who ticks the idiot box for the sterotype of an Irish man, who appears in a plethora of jokes with his brethren from across the Irish Sea.

We first encounter this music taste in the Song For Europe episode, when, admittedly, Dougal has, as Ted puts it, less of a record collection and more of a record. That record is by Nin Huugen and the Huugen Notes, which earned them fifth place in Song For Norway in 1976. The pair then shamelessly look to steal the tune for their own attempt at earning the right to represent Ireland in Europe's premier song contest,
My Lovely Horse.

However, Dougal has apparently expanded his record to a collection by the time of the later episode, Chirpy Burpy Cheap Sheep, in which he is listening to BBC Sound Effects Volume 4. He also goes to the local shop to see if he can get Volume 5, without luck (this seemingly minor plot point then plays back into the main plot in a manner that befits Seinfeld).

Perhaps Dougal has fleshed his record out with, recent production for bland mega-sellers aside, records from the
esteemable guest who appeared in the last episode of Father Ted.

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